What sets oso grande apart


Beyond the Standard

The Oso Grande experience comes packaged in the details that are born in a belief that, both a positive customer experience and professionalism are keys to a successful business. From your first discovery of Oso Grande Massage, to the very last exchange of communication, you can expect to find your experience to excel beyond the standard. Mike promises every treatment to be superior to any competitor- guaranteed!



Mike takes great pride in delivering a Zen atmosphere for your session. 

  • The energy of the space in which the treatment is delivered requires preparation on the part of the client and the therapist. Coming into a session with positive energy enhances the therapeutic results. 
  • The comfort of the massage table, the temperature of the air, the fragrance or aromatherapy present, the sounds of nature or music must all complement each other to create a Zen space. Mike makes every effort to prepare that perfect space for each client.   


Quality of Technique

Mike understands that quality involves many different components of the treatment being performed. 

  • Although massage technique is of utmost importance, it also concerns having ample time for the entire session.  Allowing enough time before, during, and after the treatment is important so that neither the therapist nor the client feels rushed during the session.  
  • The height of the massage table has a significant impact on the therapist’s ability to control the amount of pressure needed to deliver the perfect massage. Surprisingly, having the table low enough is more important than having it higher. The therapist should be delivering his work by using his entire body, not just a few muscles.  


Standard Practice

All full body treatments are performed on a professional massage table, In and Out calls- never on a bed- really!

  • Linens are 100% Egyptian Cotton with minimum 500TC or Flanel
  • Tables are heated, and have superior or added padding
  • Hot towels are used during every treatment


Nature's Medicine

  • Mike uses Lotus Touch Multi-purpose Massage Cream rather than oils. Where massage oils leave your skin oily and often stain clothing, this cream is a unique 3-stage cream that begins creamy, turns into an oil and finishes like a silky lotion, leaving the body residue-free, fragrance free, and never oily 
  • The essential oils used are top grade, designed for the massage experience
  • The HoneyLemon Scrub is made from fresh, local California products, right in the Oso Grande kitchen
  • The CBD products are obtained from reputable suppliers, produced for therapeutic use



Mike believes that safety begins with a properly trained and experienced therapist. The therapist must be educated about not only anatomy and physiology, but also on contraindications to massage as well as best practices to address the pathologies of the client. The therapist’s ability to listen to the client as well as read the client’s body as it responds to the treatment requires the skills of an experienced professional. 




Available Daily

First Appointment: 8 a.m.

Last appointment: 8 p.m.  

Travel Dates Listed under Choose a Location 


  • Big Bear- Home base
  • San Diego- Visit Monthly
  • Los Angeles- Visit Monthly
  • Palm Springs- Visit Monthly
  • Phoenix, AZ- On Occasion- TBA
  • Provincetown, MA- On Occasion- TBA
  • Knoxville Area, TN- On Occasion- TBA